Fluency in Asian Lifestyle in America

Our mission is to give you the most comprehensive information related to Asian culture and lifestyle.

Our outcome is that you can integrate the knowledge you obtain here in to your lifestyle and have a positive experience while learning something new.

All we ask in return is to give us feedback and knowledge that we can incorporate so that we can better serve everyone. Sharing is caring everyone!!!

Food: Food section is on a roll. I have been posting a lot of recipes and cooking during the pandemic. Also topics regarding Korean kimchi and Hanwoo beef.

Self: Also posted about self-learning. I am always learning to better myself and want to share it in the post below.

Beauty: I have posted some beauty products that we have reviewed. Please check it out.

  • Collagen supplements – I go over what collagen supplements are and recommend two Japanese products.
  • Beauty eye mask – I go over the popularity of eye masks and review a popular Japanese one.

Hope this gives you fresh perspective!

Fashion: Very first post in the fashion section.  I will be discussing the inspiration I got from my college days when sustainable fashion was not even a movement.  Please read the blog and get to know some Taiwanese culture as well.

Happy learning!