This page is dedicated to learning about yourself and provide information to inspire for self-improvement. There is nothing specific to a particular culture or nationality here but as humans this can apply to everyone. Also, this is a particular topic I like and always looking for improvements, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

With the COVID pandemic still raging on, I find myself with plenty of time. I spent this time reading books. Most of these books are self-improvement, psychological books and I found them to be very insightful and learned quite a bit about myself and people in general. I will discuss some of these books with topics covering finance, thought process, management and others. I hope they can provide some insight to my readers and you may end up reading some of these books.

Below are list of posts:

  • Flash Boys review – Michael Lewis book on high frequency traders and my view on his book
  • How to improve your habits – this is something that we all need and I go over Atomic Habits by James Clear and give my thoughts on it
  • How to be a leader – diving deep in to new leadership style presented by Simon Sinek in The Infinite Game.
  • How to be charismatic – This blog discusses about how you can become charismatic. The book I reviewed discusses that you can train yourself and it is not an inherent talent.
  • How to manage finances better – This blog will make you rethink about your thought process when it comes to money and give insights on investing and saving money.
  • Improve your thought process – This blog will help you to think against our natural tendency and bias to improve your thinking and decision making process.